What’s UX Storyboard for?

UX Storyboard helps creative professionals tell better stories of their products and services through storyboarding and illustrations. Think Pixar animation sketches, but not for a movie but for scenes of how a product/service will be used. This is something I use all the time in my own design consultancy work, hence you can say this is really scratching my own itch. Read more about why and how I built this here.


Who draws the illustrations?

We have a team of illustrators to deliver on quality illustrations for your storyboards. Some of the team are based locally in Singapore, some are remote in other locations. By the way, we didn’t draw the illustrations on the website itself – these were provided for free for commercial use by this cool and awesome site called unDraw. For samples of our actual illustration work, please see here. We’re highlighting this point so that you don’t get the wrong idea (as it was pointed out previously).


What currency are the prices based on?

All prices stated are in US dollars.


How long does it take for your to deliver 5 frames?

We typically take 3-5 working days for black and white line drawings, and 5-7 working days for black and white shaded drawing and full color drawings. You can order stacks of 5 frames for longer storyboards, but that means the time required will increase proportionately as well. For example, a 20-frame black and white shaded storyboard is 4 orders of 5-frame black and white shaded package, and it will take about 10-12 working days.


Do you work on weekends?

Sorry, we entrepreneurs, designers and illustrators are human beings too with families and lives outside of work. So to institute better work-life balance, we decided to not work on weekends. It’s frustrating to some customers as they might need to rush out work urgently. In these cases unfortunately, we will need to decline. We can offer alternative options where you can get your illustrations done over the weekend, but we will not be able to do it. If a work order that takes 3 working days gets confirmed on Friday, we will only be able to deliver on the following Tue or Wed. Weekend days are not included in the turnaround time. We believe in creating an awesome customer experience for you, so this decision was not taken lightly. We hope you will understand our decision that ultimately helps us serve you better by maintaining sanity, preventing burn-out. Happy workers provide happy services! : )


How secure is your payment gateway?

We use Stripe for encrypted payment, and it’s absolutely safe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Read more here.


What do you do with our data after purchase?

We take data protection and privacy seriously. We’ll never email you to solicit sales if you didn’t agree prior. But if you signed up to be on our email lists (you have to sign up separately – buying a product doesn’t sign you up automatically), we’ll email you occasionally whenever there’s new product launches or promos.


Do you have discounts for non-profits?

Yes, we’re open to that. Drop us a message under Contact Us to discuss.


How long have you been in business?

Since Aug 2018.


Who are you?

We’re Outsprint a Singapore-based design company working with governments and non-profit organisations for public good. Occasionally we create products that benefit fellow designers – UX Storyboard being one of them.


Why buy from you?

We’re designers ourselves, and we use the tools we designed. We want to share what we found useful, and we’re confident it will be too for you.


How do I contact you?

Please drop us a message under Contact Us, and we’ll be in touch asap.

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